sábado, 17 de julio de 2010

Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe

PIT BULL BLUES by John Shipe
People see me walking down the street they all run and hide.

I used to take it personally now I take it in strides.

I got nothing against no one I wouldn't hurt a fly.

People seem to think I'm mean and here's why, and here's why

I'm a pitbull, a big brown red nose pitbull, a tooth baring muscle bound pitbull I look like I can tear the seal off a loco motive freight train.

People park three spaces away when I'm waiting in the car.
All the kids in the neighborhood they never walk through my yard.
And there's a rumor floating around the county that I ate three cats.

But I swear from the bottom of my K9 heart I didn't do that.

Nooo I didn't do that.

But I'm a pitbull, a big brown red nose pitbull,
A tooth baring muscle bound pitbull, I look Like I can dig a hole through a concrete wall.


I got these pitbull blues all I want to do is sniff your shoes. I aint no killer hound though I'm the friendliest dog in town.

The shear sound of my bark can break through artic ice.

Deep down I'm a pussy cat, I'm just trying to be nice.

In case you didn't notice I'm wagging my tail at the speed of light.

But no matter what I do I'm accused of looking for a fight.


cause I'm
A pitbull a big brown red nose pitbull. A tooth baring muscle bound pitbull, I look like I can crush a cannonball with my jaws

domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

Control de las piernas de atrás.

Este es un ejercicio para que el perro entienda y tenga control de la parte de atrás. Esto ayuda para el perfecto "al pie".

jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Comida Gratis

Tienes un cachorro este verano?

Que sepas que Eukanuba de regala 3 kilos de comida para tu cachorro.

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